How to earn free Rainbow Racer cosmetics with Fortnite Refer a Friend

Fortnite Refer A Friend Rainbow Racer

Fortnite does not lack in the cosmetics department.You can earn them in the battle pass, get your hands on various crossovers from the in-game store, or receive them for free through events such as Fortnitemares. But, in terms of skins, you can rarely get them for free. However, it appears that Epic Games is in the mood for giving, as you and a friend can earn a free skin through Fortnite’s new Refer a Friend feature. By participating and completing all the challenges, you can add the Rainbow Racer skin and matching cosmetics to your locker.

Before you can begin, you will have to sign up to the new feature by visiting the Fortnite Refer a Friend website. Then, you can log in with your account details and invite a friend to join the program. Once your friend accepts your invite, you can begin earning free rewards together. It is important to note that for a friend to be eligible, they must have played less than 120 minutes of battle royale modes in the past 30 days.


How to earn the Fortnite Refer a Friend cosmetics

In total, there are five cosmetics for you to earn. The first is a Gridlock loading screen which you can get by simply adding a friend. Next, playing one game with a friend will see you unlock the Miridescent weapon wrap. Placing in the top 10 three times with your friend will unlock the Flair Fare glider. To get the Drive Shaft pickaxe, you must eliminate 10 opponents while playing with your friend.

Understandably, the challenge corresponding with the Rainbow Racer skin is the most difficult and time-consuming. You will have to level up a total of 60 times, while you wait for your friend to gain 60 levels, too. Therefore, you and your friend will be in it for the long haul to secure the skin.

You have until November 14 to sign up for Refer a Friend in Fortnite. After that, you will have plenty of time to earn the cosmetics as you have until January 10 to finish all the challenges.

Fortnite Refer A Friend

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