rainbow six pc game pass january 2022

Microsoft has announced the final list of games coming to PC Game Pass for January 2022. The news was nearly swallowed up by the announcement of the Activision Blizzard acquisition. Almost, but I’ve kept my ear to the ground. Earlier in the month, Game Pass subscribers got their hands on lovely games like Spelunky 2, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and Outer Worlds. We cap off the final two weeks with another promising batch. Both Rainbow Six Siege and Rainbow Six Extraction head to PC Game Pass, along with Death’s Door and the Hitman Trilogy.

It’s a pretty good list, all things considered. The highly praised Death’s Door is coming out on January 20, but it won’t be alone. Much like in December, the vast majority of games heading to PC Game Pass this month are all arriving on the same day. Alongside Death’s Door is the Hitman Trilogy, Pupperazzi, Rainbow Six Extraction, Rainbow Six Siege: Deluxe Edition, and Windjammers 2. The only outlier of the bunch is Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master, which arrives on January 27.


It’s worth noting that some of these games are day one releases. Rainbow Six Extraction, Windjammers 2, Pupperazzi, and the Hitman Trilogy are launching and joining Game Pass on January 20. Granted, the three Hitman games have been available for a while. But this is the release of the collection officially, so it still counts. It does.

Rainbow Six Pc Game Pass January 2022

The extras, and the games taking a hike

Along with the games comes the bonuses. Subscribers can claim perks for three games. World of Tanks gets a Premium Trifecta Bundle, while Doom Eternal is paired with three cosmetic packs. And, as announced back in December, Halo Infinite will get another bundle. It comes with a green Pass Tense skin for the Warthog, as well as four 2XP Boosts and four Challenge Swaps. I am liking the green skins getting released for the game. Keep them coming.

But while all this is heading toward subscribers, some games are leaving. Cyber Shadow, Nowhere Prophet, Prison Architect, and Xeno Crisis will exit Game Pass on January 31.

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