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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will soon move into its seventh year of content. The first season of Year 7 is coming with the Demon Veil update. Alongside other gameplay updates, it will introduce a new Japanese Operator into Siege, Azami. However, a recent article by PCGamesN has revealed that this upcoming Rainbow Six Siege operator could have used a gadget that Ubisoft called “Flubber.”

Creative director Alex Kapazis details one of the original ideas for Siege‘s newest operator. He claims that Flubber would have been able to use a gadget similar to Ela’s Grzmot Mines. Players would be able to throw this after which it would explode into a “radial pile of green goo.” For those wondering, yes, this seems like a reference to the older Flubber movies.


Flubber was not the only design considered for the next Rainbow Six Siege operator. A prototype for an Operator named Patcher was intended to function “like a ranged Castle.” Patcher could reinforce windows and doors with barricades from a distance but was canceled as the developer found it too hard to differentiate Patcher from Castle.

This news isn’t overly surprising, as developers that create hero shooters tend to have a huge catalog of reserve designs. Be it Overwatch, Siege, or even battle royale games like Apex Legends, this is expected. With each and every new Operator introduced, several rejected proposals will have preceded them.

Rainbow Six Siege Castle patcher

Siege players almost got another Castle-like Operator in Patcher.

Demon Veil

Year 7 Season 1 is currently available for players to try out on the Rainbow Six Siege test servers. Alongside Azami, this update is also introducing Team Deathmatch as a new permanent playlist. This will give Siege players a great game mode for warming up for Ranked and improving their skills.

Further down the line in a mid-season update, Demon Veil will also add a new map to Siege. Named Emerald Plains, it is themed after an Irish castle turned country club. Emerald Plains is set to be the first new map added to Siege since 2019.

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