Rainbow Six Siege Will Get Crossplay And Cross Progression Support (2)

Ubisoft has been quite busy of late, especially when it comes to its tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege. Along with the reveal of the latest Operation, Crimson Heist, the team behind one of the best shooters out there also shared the Year 6 roadmap that’s in the pipeline. However, that is not all of the important stuff that Ubisoft is preparing. In the future, Rainbow Six Siege will support both cross-play and cross-progression.

The reveal came via Game Director Jean-Baptiste Halle, who spoke to PC Gamer. Halle stated that both of the features are currently being worked on, and it is a goal that the team plans to attain. This is especially so for console players being able to play with each other.


However, he also acknowledged that PC players definitely have the edge when it comes to speed and accuracy. As such, the team at Ubisoft is skeptical about bringing PC players along for the ride. When cross-play is implemented, it will be for consoles only — for now, maybe.

Rainbow Six Siegeof course, features no aim assist for players using gamepads. Even among console players, there have been struggles against others who use third-party tools to enable mouse and keyboard use. Finding the balance and still giving players convenience is important.

Rainbow Six Siege Will Get Crossplay And Cross Progression Support (1)

A future foretold

This news comes as a nice surprise, especially since Ubisoft has migrated from Uplay to the new Ubisoft Connect platform. Both cross-play and cross-progression are supposed to be the standard for new games as much as possible, but there were some doubts for the older Rainbow Six Siege. Now, the wish of many players will be granted.

By enabling cross-play for Rainbow Six Siegethe hope is that there will be shorter matchmaking times. Cross-progression will also allow players to play whenever and wherever they want.

In the current state, console players can already transfer progress from previous generation consoles to the current ones. Hopefully, the PC platform will soon be part of the ecosystem as well.

Ever since its rocky launch, Ubisoft has been improving Rainbow Six Siege. The resulting success of the developer’s hard work is certainly deserved. At this rate, we could be looking at years of continued support.

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