You don’t tend to get many promotional game videos talking about recoil systems, so this three minute Ubisoft ‘Community Corner’ trailer for Rainbow Six Siege is slightly unusual in that regard.

    In it, gameplay programmer Adam Crawley talks a bit about where bullets originate from in the game (barrel tip vs center of the screen,) and how recoil has changed from the E3 build.

    Crawley says the bullets will be originating from the screen’s center, in order to make bullets go towards “where they should go.” There will be a random cone of fire during hip firing in Rainbow Six Siege, but when aiming down sights the bullets are precise and will go where aimed.

    Recoil, of course, will be a factor to consider. The E3 build of the game had some semi-random recoil around a center point, but (as the video shows) guns now have more of a “rising” recoil. Certain types of firearm will go up and slightly right, so in each case it’ll be necessary to adjust the aim accordingly.

    Rainbow Six Siege is scheduled for release in 2015. It’s a multiplayer title, that’ll pit SWAT-esque teams against hostage-taking terrorists in that traditional Rainbow Six kinda way.

    Peter Parrish

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