June 10th, 2015

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operator system detailed

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operator system detailed

Some more videos from Rainbow Six Siege have breached our building, offering insight into the Operator system.

I’m not quite sure how to describe the Operator system. On the one hand, it sounds a lot like a class system (in game terms, not in socioeconomic terms); you pick an Operator with his or her own individual skills and abilities, and use them to fight the opposing team.

On the other hand… it also sounds a lot like a MOBA-style hero system. The “Behind the Scenes” video below mentions that once you’ve picked an Operator, that one is no longer available for the other players. There’s also the bit where one of the Ubisoft chaps unthinkingly refers to them as “heroes.”

You’ll be able to pick your Operator from GSG-9, Spetsnaz, SAS, SWAT, and GIGN. They all have different uniforms, different skills, and different personalities; if you like breaching buildings and blowing shit up, then there’s an Operator for you.

Without more details on exactly how they differ and how this impacts the game, it’s a little hard to say how much this’ll change things. I mean, if a breacher-type is the only one with explosives that can blast apart certain walls, then that’s a big change! On the other hand, if it’s just that he carries a couple more explosive charges, that’s… not such a big change. Etc.

No word on a release date for Rainbow Six Siege, but pre-orders will get you guaranteed access to a closed beta that’ll kick off sometime this year. As ever, though we’d recommend holding off on pre-orders.

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The two videos can be found below.

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