Rainbox Six Siege Crosses Over With Resident Evil And Rick And Morty (1)

Ubisoft is definitely not shying away from collaborations with well-known properties, not even when it is totally out of this world. In a tease during a closed preview event for the upcoming Crimson Heist season of Rainbow Six Siege, the company revealed that collaborations with Rick and Morty, as well as the more sensible Resident Evil, will be coming in the future. It makes sense yet doesn’t at the same time. This is truly thinking out of the box.

As part of the Resident Evil partnership, Rainbow Six Siege will get a new elite skin for Zodia. This will be a look modelled after Jill Valentine and her original STARS outfit. In terms of the visuals, it definitely fits into the tactical shooter. According to Rainbow Six Siege Art Director Alex Karpazis, a second collaboration will be revealed later in the year.


Then there’s the strange Rick and Morty crossover with Rainbow Six SiegeWhile we have zero ideas of what it will look like, Karpazis teased the partnership with the distinctive portal from the show. At this point, it is anyone’s guess at what that could entail.

The community might not share the same level of excitement, just saying.

Rainbox Six Siege Crosses Over With Resident Evil And Rick And Morty (2)

Ghostly Operators

In more exciting developments, the Rainbow Six Siege and Resident Evil collaboration are not the only new things coming. Ubisoft also revealed that Ikumi Nakamura has contributed to the shooter with some designs.

Rainbox Six Siege Crosses Over With Resident Evil And Rick And Morty (3)

Nakamura was the formerly the creative and art director for Ghostwire Tokyo. Her collaboration has resulted in several cosmetic bundles that exude spooky vibes. Needless to say, the new looks are quite hot. Sign her up and get more designs, Ubisoft.

Of course, this was all part of the Crimson Heist reveal. We got a closer look at the new attacker Flores, as well as news on how Operators will now be unlocked as part of the Battle Pass.

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