Raw Data Oculus support added with cross-play

Raw Data

Survios has now pushed the Raw Data 0.6 update live which now adds Oculus compatibility.

Raw Data is one of the best VR games around at the moment and this update brings the Oculus Touch build to Oculus Home. The game also now supports cross-platform play between Oculus and Vive users. Inside the Showroom, Oculus Home and Steam users come together one happy robot killing community. There’s one drawback, Oculus Home and Steam players will not see each other on each platform’s friends list.

This update also brings a new mission called Cataclysm and new abilities for Boss and Saija. The full patch notes are available now and the new content includes:

  • New Mission: Cataclysm: Descend to new depths of terror within Eden Tower’s expansive, central Data Chamber. Fend off enemies across environments that change on each attempt while disabling generators powering Eden’s defense system. Meanwhile, Chairman Shiro has something special in store for our SyndiK8 heroes…
  • New Defense: Mortar Turret: Deploy a turret that fires explosive, long-range mortars at enemies. This turret is most effective at taking out distant enemies, but is less accurate at targeting close-range threats.
  • Community Board: Upon entering the Showroom after launch, players will now see a splash screen displaying information relevant to the Raw Data community, including promotions, community events, and maintenance downtime for online services.
  • Shotgun Tutorial: A new product demonstration outlining Boss’s Dominator Shotgun is now available in the Showroom.
  • Player Representation System: Complete overhaul to player rig and animations to more accurately reflect the player’s real-world body.
  • AI Animation Polish: Various animation improvements for Rifle Bot, Beam Bot, Melee Bot, and Heavy Bot. Additionally, core AI locomotion functionality has been reworked to improve the look of all ground enemy movement.
  • Orbital Rings in Title Room: Players will now see the full scope of Eden Corp’s influence in the Raw Data universe from the very start of the game.
  • General VFX Polish: Visual effects for heroes, defenses, and enemies have been polished throughout the game.
  • Showroom AFK Detection: Added AFK detection in the Showroom to remove inactive hosts from the matchmaking queue.
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