Despite having gone way past the original release date for the game and having caused quite an uproar when the game, which was previously exclusive to Wii-U, got pushed back for half a year so and became a multiplatform title instead, Rayman Legends still looks like an extremely promising game.

Playstation Vita fans will probably be happy to hear that the game may also be making its way to their handheld of choice too fi a recent listing on Spanish retailer FNAC’s website. There’s some extra legitimacy to add to this as FNAC have proved to be accurate in the past, being the first to out the Jak and Daxter HD Collection for PS Vita and also being accurate with an unexpected delay for The Last of Us.

 rayman listing

The game would certainly make a welcome addition to the PS Vita library as Rayman Origins still stands as one of the best games available for the system, it would be a shame to see it’s successor skip the system.

[Source: FNAC]

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