Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan employee abuse

Razer could be a pretty hectic place behind the scenes. Kotaku has released a report about Min-Liang Tan, who serves as CEO for the peripheral-based company. According to the report, Tan has treated a number of employees with the company in an abusive manner.

In one email example provided by a former member of Razer’s team, he ended up “officially pissed off” over Razer not getting into Fast Company’s 2014 list of “Most Innovative Companies.” In the email, Tan asked his marketing employees, “Are you guys fucking off?”

What’s going on with Razer?

Another incident that occurred involved his director of marketing at the time, Greg Agius. He was explaining an outline to get Tan “in front of Fast Company,” though an in-person tour would’ve been a better way to go about it.

Tan reportedly replied with a great deal of anger, saying that Agius “can’t do his fucking job.” Three former employees explained that Agius wound up fired hours afterward.

The report notes that the CEO is a “tempestuous, volatile boss” based on interviews with various employees no longer with the company. One described that employees were simply there to “make him money.” Another said working for Razer meant “working hard” or “being told to bugger off.” And a third noted Tan running the company became something among the lines of a “dictatorship.”

Razer responded to a number of emails sent by Kotaku over the matter, noting that with so many employees that some “would be disgruntled or unhappy.” The company also made note that its HR policies have “evolved” in the past 13 years — though the former employees say otherwise.

Tan explained who he is with a recent post from Gordon Ramsay’s London restaurant, with a plate of food. He noted that he can “become way worse than Gordon Ramsay” with his “attention to detail.” He did note that things “can be done better,” but then ended the post with a quick promo for the Shoton Razer Phone 2.

More details are available in the full report.

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