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Opportunity knocks on the big console companies. China has finally decided on the regulations for the sale of game consoles. Again, remember that this is limited to their free trade zone in China.

We took a few minutes to go through the rules, and based on their prior track record banning Battlefield 4, it seems China is indeed vetting games, including their text, video and audio content, for anything that they would deem offensive or something that they would not want in their country. You can complain about censorship as much as you want, but cultural mores factor into this as much as state regulation.

In any case, Nintendo already had its foot in the door thanks to iQue, and Sony and Microsoft are making moves into the region as well. They may be downplaying it in public, perhaps not to raise expectations too much, but if China works out, console gaming may be secured a windfall no matter what happens in other countries.


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