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If you’re a fan of fantasy football leagues then Realm Adventure League (RAL) might be a title worth keeping your eye on.  It’s currently in Kickstarter and still looking for funds to help in its development.

In RAL you create fantasy teams but instead of picking players in a football team you’d select Ninzic the Warrior Tank or Drewian the Paladin Healer. These NPC characters are divided into two factions, Order of Illumination or Syndicate of Darkness and each week they conduct weekly virtual raids to gain control of 13 locations within Veldiran.

It’s up to  you to create your own guild, draft in your characters and then compete to dominate your league.  Battle statistics are used to generate the points for your team.  It’s a pretty simple concept but then again so are fantasy football leagues and it boggles my mind how many of my male friends (yes just the guys) take part in these.

This video will give you a better idea where the devs talk about their vision and if you want to support Realm Adventure League then their Kickstarter page is at the link.

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