Guido Henkel, the lead designer of the Realms of Arkania RPG series and producer of Planescape: Torment at Black Isle, is setting sail on the good ship Kickstarter with a new RPG idea. That idea is Thorvalla, a Nordic (and Native American, and East Asian) tinged high fantasy adventure with a “traditional” (ie; Pen and Paper type rule systems) focus.

    Henkel is after $1 million USD to complete the project, with 5,000 ‘early bird’ editions of the game on offer for $15 USD, and $25 required for the full title after all of those are gone. As is the norm, pledging more cash will get you copies of a strategy guide, soundtrack CDs and all manner of other bonuses. The very top tier is a $10,000 USD pledge, which guarantees you a trip to the game’s launch party (presumably in California where the developer is based).

    In Thorvalla, it seems you’ll play as one of ‘The Hardy’ (no, not Tom Hardy); a Viking-a-like chap who happens to own a dragon. Unfortunately, your gaming experience will begin with a shipwreck in which you’re the only survivor. And then your dragon gets kidnapped too. Tough break.

    For more details, have a watch of Henkel’s pitch video below. If you fancy donating some money, here’s the place to be.

    Peter Parrish

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