Rebel Galaxy

Double Damage’s Rebel Galaxy takes the concept of space being the “final frontier” in a somewhat literal sense, adopting a tone of Western Americana and six-shooter politics for its trading-and-bounties antics.

I took a look at a preview build of the game back in May (that was before we switched names and layouts, so the images are broken), and found it to be a pretty interesting take on a familiar set of space-gallivanting activities. At the time I engaged in a spot of trading, plenty of exploration, and a fair share of space battles (which here unfold a little like naval combat, with broadsides and single-plain maneuvering).

The game now has a release date of 20 October on PC (ahead of console releases), and will be sold through Steam and GOG for $20 USD. Here’s the latest trailer, which should give you pretty decent idea of the tone they’re going for with this one.

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