sniper elite

A spin-off game where you fight giant stone eagles?

Oh developers and publishers, when will you learn to just tell us your amazing news when it’s actually happening? I suppose that would be too easy, so instead you get these “oohh, we’re going to do a thing” pre-pre-news press releases which are a bit annoying. Anyway. Rebellion has something to say about Sniper Elite next week.

Apparently it will be “huge” news, although since Rebellion themselves put the quotation marks around that maybe it’s meant to be sarcastic. Or very literal. Maybe the news is of great physical size, rather than metaphorically weighty. I really don’t know. Because it’s not happening until next week.

Here’s what is known: this news relates to the Sniper Elite series in general, rather than being Sniper Elite 3 specific. It also relates to the teaser image above, in some way.

Rebellion’s Jason Kingsley says “There’s always more work to be done getting the Sniper Elite name in the hearts and minds of gamers who are new to the IP, or aren’t aware of the stealth and emergent gameplay that surrounds the core sniping mechanics.”

So, a tie-in novel? Two tie-in novels? Maybe a movie deal? A toy line? Wait, is it three tie-in novels? It’s a mystery!

Oh yes, and you can now pre-order Sniper Elite 3 on Steam if you fancy. It’s 20% off until launch (making it $40.00 USD instead of $50.00 USD) and comes with some DLC called Target Hitler, which I imagine is about shooting Hitler.

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