June 22nd, 2017

How rebellious: GOG weekend deal offers Rebellion games for cheap

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This week, GOG’s weekend sale is focusing on Rebellion titles with 60% off 13 different titles of massively mixed quality. Let’s list them, while I quietly snark about most of them!

Empire Earth: Gold Edition is a rather unique little RTS. Empire Earth 2: Gold Edition is a slightly worse RTS. Empire Earth 3 is a much worse RTS. Evil Genius is basically James Bond’s Dungeon Keeper, and although a little tedious, is well worth a play if it sounds appealing. Lords of the Realm: Royal Edition comprises Lords of the Realm, Lords of the Realm 2, and the Siege Pack expansion for the latter, and I never much liked it but everyone else did so bear that in mind if you fancy a mix of turn-based strategy with real-time combat. Lords of the Realm 3 is a straight RTS that is not very good. Lords of Magic: Special Edition was a pretty decent Heroes of Might & Magic-style game. Pinball Gold Pack is a lot of pinball games that I didn’t play.

What else? Ground Control + Expansion was an utterly superb tactical RTS with no base-building. Ground Control 2 is also utterly superb. Sniper Elite: Berlin 1945 is a decent sniper title. Moonbase Commander is one of my favourite games ever, combining Worms-style aiming and shooting with a turn-based strategy/base-building feel. Finally, Judge Dredd: Dredd versus Death is hahahaha no just don’t.

The titles range in price from $2.39 USD to a whopping $3.99 USD, so if any of these sound appealing, there are more expensive ways to spend your weekend.

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