Red Dead Online’s Moonshiners update is out now

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Red Dead Online, the multiplayer component of Rockstar’s fantastic Red Dead Redemption 2, just released its latest update today: Moonshiners. The update was teased last week, but we have a bit more information now. Moonshiners allows players to level up a new Frontier Pursuit and start your own bootlegging business. And ultimately, you can create a bar.

Also, if the trailer is anything to go by, expect a lot of banjos.


Red Dead Online is getting into the dirty side of trading with Moonshiners. There are a few steps to follow to get your bootlegging operation up and running. But first and foremost, be aware that you need to have your Trader profession leveled to at least Rank 5 or have completed one Trader Sell Mission before you begin your new life as a bootlegger.

After that, it’s easy. Mostly. To start, you’ll need some ingredients to set up a distillery and begin making some moonshine. To do that, you’ll meet up with one Maggie Fike, an old bootlegger who is willing to show you the ropes. Next, you’ll set up up a discreet operation in a lonely shack disguised as a homestead. Down in the basement is your hidden distillery, which you can eventually upgrade with a Bar, space for a band and a dancefloor, and other upgrades. Here be the banjos.

But that’s not the end of the road. New Red Dead Online Story Missions will be available for solo or co-op play. You’ll help Maggie get revenge on some of her old enemies, and she’ll help you develop your fledgling moonshiners operation. From the looks of the trailer, it also looks like you’ll be on the wrong end of a lawman’s gun, but that isn’t exactly new for RDR2.

The Moonshiner role will also have a unique progression system, unique apparel and accessories, new weapons, new horse breeds, and more.

Red Dead Online Moonshiners

The Outlaw Pass No. 2

In addition to Red Dead Online‘s Moonshiners update, The Outlaw Pass No. 2 is now available. There are 100 ranks for you to climb, with several rewards such as clothing and accessories, Role XP boosts, and up to 40 Gold Bars. You’ll need to pay to take part in The Outlaw Pass. However, the free Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Club Membership is free to all Red Dead Online players and lets you select perks as you level up your character.

New content and fixes

With the Moonshiners update, Rockstar fixed a few bugs and tweaked a few game mechanics for good measure. The new Offers and Rewards page shows you your collection of gifts, discounts, and promotions for various goods, which will definitely come in handy for those traders out there.

Some additional improvements include:

  • New clothing such as Bandoliers and Corsets (and more upcoming)
  • The new Navy Revolver
  • The ability to quick-swap weapons in combat
  • Ability card rebalancing
  • A limit on tonic use
  • Increased stability for horses
  • The ability to spawn at your camp

For more information about Moonshiners or The Outlaw Pass No. 2, head on over to Rockstar’s official site. You can also pick up Red Dead Redemption 2 right now for $47.99 (a 20% discount) on Steam.

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