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Redemption Reapers is a dark fantasy tactical RPG coming next year from the Ender Lilies developer

Help those who hate you.

If you enjoyed the 2021 action RPG Ender Lilies, then you may want to check out Redemption Reapers once it comes out. Announced just recently, Redemption Reapers serves as the second project developed by Ender Lilies studio Adglobe. Although both games function as RPGs, Redemption Reapers differs quite significantly from Ender Lilies in that it takes place within a fully 3D world. Additionally, its gameplay features a more tactical edge as opposed to Ender Lilies’ focus on real-time action. The game currently has a February 2023 release window, so we should learn about a more concrete release date fairly soon.

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Redemption Reapers’ story sees the brutal Mort armies devastating nations and the people within them without remorse. Fortunately, these armies face resistance in the form of the Ashen Hawk Brigade, “a cunning band that specializes in surprise attacks.” Once upon a time, these warriors earned the ire of the general public, who referred to them with the less-than-flattering name “the Faithless Reapers.” But in a twist of fate, the public will end up saved by the very group it despised.

Five-man tactical mayhem

As for the gameplay, it tasks players with fighting back against the Mort threat using only a small selection of five warriors. Although this may sound like a daunting challenge, the fighters complement each other well thanks to their distinct builds and strategic potential. As they do battle, players will have to keep track of their limited resources so as to not leave the warriors helpless. Outside of battle, players can learn the warriors’ various backstories and build connections with them “to gain insight into the path ahead for the Brigade.”

Redemption Reapers may have completely different design goals compared to those of Ender Lilies, but that should not stop fans of Adglobe from seeing what it’s all about. You can take a look at the Redemption Reapers’ three-minute-long reveal trailer below.

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