Redfall Gameplay Trailer

During theĀ Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 we were treated to an array of announcements and a lot of gameplay. This includes an extended look at Starfield gameplay, a new Lightyear Frontier trailer, and much more. The show kicked off with some highly anticipated Redfall gameplay. The open-world co-op first person shooter from Arkane Austin will take you to a world like no other, unravelling the mysteries behind the vampires as you play.

In the gameplay reveal, we got to see the post-apocalyptic landscape full of horrors. A small town in Massachusetts was peaceful until it was overrun by deadly vampires. The footage began by placing us in a blood-splattered church attic, with vampires emerging from the dark shadows. We are then taken to see other areas such as a lighthouse and a fair ground which are riddled with enemies.

Slaying through vampires in the Redfall gameplay trailer

We were introduced to four playable characters, all equipped with their own abilities and gadgets. Stealth tactics can clearly be seen in the trailer, with silenced weapons and an invisibility feature. However, the action soon ramps up as hoards of enemies spot the group. Also, we got a glimpse of a skill tree and a range of different weapons with their own rarities. This element of customization can allow you to combine characters and abilities to suit your playstyle. We were introduced to traditional weapons such as shotguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. In addition, we see some sort of flare gun an object that lets you get some high ground, and more.

Redfall was originally supposed to release this September, but it was delayed. There was no specific release date given, all we know is that Redfall is currently on track to launch on PC in 2023. Keep an eye out for more Redfall announcements.

Lauren Sayles
Lauren is a writer and FPS enthusiast. If the game has a gun that you can shoot, she will be occupied for hours!

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