Dave Homan (the founder of Slouch Couch Game Studios) is not much of a fan of the US ‘War on Drugs’ and has just the game to express his distaste. In Drugbound, you’ll control a “genderless character” making their merry way through five levels inspired by the heavy-handed Federal approach to drug legislation in the US (specifically where marijuana is concerned).

    It’s an infinite running style game, much like Canabalt, except with more weed and more demonic horses with flaming manes; and I consider those two things a major bonus.

    “I want the players of my games to question something they’ve been taught or told” says Homan … possibly to himself if he wrote this press release, “If someone plays Drugbound a few times and then comes out with, “Oh hey, the US drug war actually IS racist!” then I figure I’ll get my angel wings or something.”

    Drugbound is heading PC-wards in late 2012. It’ll be genuinely free to download and play, with some thoroughly optional in-game purchases “instead of trinkets designed by some neuropsychologist wizard solely for stimulating the addiction centers of one’s brain”. So that’s cool.

    You can see a video of Drugbound in action, below. Much of the art is said not to be final, but I hope that amazing horse guy sticks around.

    Peter Parrish

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