I like driving in my car, beep-beep, boop-boop OH GOD I’M BURNING AARRGGH SOMEONE KILL ME. Hello, welcome to MotorGun (formerly known as Autoduel) in which teams of people get into cars, drive around, and shoot at one another with a set of weapons that are probably begging for some UN sanctions. I guess sometimes they ram one another too. Maybe when they’re out of bullets or something.

It’s a Kickstarter, too. Do you have $650,000 USD you want to spend on a multiplayer car combat game? Developers Pixelbionic would very much like to meet you. I mean, it’s ok if you only have $25.00 USD too. That’ll still get you a DRM-free copy of the game when/if it comes out.

There are some pretty well-known names attached in the form of Zack Norman (Interstate ’76) and David Jaffe (creator of Twisted Metal and professional twitter user,) so you can be fairly sure that the MotorGun cars won’t have their wheels on backwards of their gearsticks in the wrong places.

As you’d expect for a pitched multiplayer game, there’s much talk and text about classes, weapon customisation, factions and team-based play. There’s also a video. It has cars in it. Surprised? Me too.

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