Refract Studios shares pre-alpha footage of Distance

Refract Studios, the people behind Nitronic Rush, are working on a new racing title called Distance. There’s a Kickstarter underway at present that has around 16 days to run and another $75,000 USD  to scoop up from somewhere, so keep that in mind if any of this stuff looks or sounds like something you’d want to help fund.

The idea is to take “the intense action of arcade racing and fuse it with the exploration of an atmospheric world”, which seems to include borrowing a fair bit of Tron’s art direction (not necessarily a bad thing, Tron and its remake both looked rather neat).

In the pre-alpha footage below (ok, look, how can it be ‘pre’ alpha? what comes before alpha? – let’s just say ‘early’), you can see that the racing is far from straightforward, with the player employing track-jumps and handy glider wings.

Distance is planned for PC and Mac, with a tentative release window of 2013.

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