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After nearly two months of beta, Valorant is nearly ready to be released to the wild. Riot Games’ hero shooter is prepped for a June 2 launch around the world. Earlier today, the Valorant team released the times for when the game goes live.

We’re less than 24 hours away from release, according to the post the team left on Twitter. Valorant will open the gates in North America at 8 AM EST/5 AM PST. The game will release a tad earlier for some other nations, however. In Russia and European countries, expect the game to go live at 1 AM EST/7 AM CEST on June 1. Valorant will be available for Asia-Pacific countries (including Japan and Korea) starting at 8 AM JST on June 2/7 PM EST June 1.

Valorant has had quite the journey since its early March reveal. Riot introduced shooter fans to characters such as Sova and Phoenix before starting a closed beta on April 7. Players were able to opt into the beta by grabbing keys dropped in Twitch streams. To say it was successful would be underscoring it; nearly 3 million people were playing the beta every day, according to Riot. Well, 3 million and a small mess of cheaters, many of whom the developer was swift in banning (“suckers”).

On the agenda

Riot is preparing more goodies for tomorrow’s launch. The new character Reyna will be available when the game goes live. Hailing from Mexico, Reyna earned the nickname Vampire, who’s honestly more Raziel than Kain. She’s able to “steal” the souls of enemies she duns down, allowing her to heal or become momentarily invulnerable to damage. Her ultimate allows her to buff up, increasing her fire rate and lowering her ability cooldowns. No doubt a lot of players are going to be soul hungry tomorrow.

Valorant will be available on PC starting June 2.

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