Releases of the Week: ending 26 August

Deus Ex, Tropico 4, Street Fighter III: Online Edition, Hector: Badge of Carnage.
Having awarded it with the first 10/10 in IncGamers history, we can’t realistically suggest that you play anything other than Deus Ex: Human Revolution this week. However, the likes of Street Fighter III: Thrid Strike Online Edition, Tropico 4 and Hector: Badge of Carnage are nothing to sniff at either.
Although technically not a new release, Hector: Badge of Carnage (the full series) can be purchased through Steam at 25% off this weekend. You will have to wait until 22 September to download the third and final part of the trilogy, though.
Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition was awarded a spectacular 9/10 by us, our review describing it as “probably the finest fighter available in digital-only form today.” You can read our full review here.
Our review of Tropico 4 is currently in the works, so we’ll steer clear of giving any half-hearted impressions and wait until it has gone through its full review cycle before reporting on it in depth.
The star of the week though is Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a game that not only received a 10/10 but was described in our review as “a game of rewarding depth that forces players to think seriously about its themes and character motivations while offering well-honed and diverse gameplay options.”
Read our full Deus Ex: Human Revolution review here.
Other titles that may be worth checking out include Rugdy World Cup 2011 (360/PS3), Inazuma Eleven (Nintendo DS) and Quarrel (iOS).