Relic to discuss ‘future plans’ for Company of Heroes, 28 March

Company of Heroes 2 - E3 2013 - 5
Who knows, maybe they’ll add more snow.

I know, ‘news’ that’s basically saying “hey there’ll be an announcement happening soon that should actually have some news in it!” is a bit rubbish. But if you’re interested in Company of Heroes or its sequel, this should at least be of some relevance.

Company of Heroes 2 producer Greg Wilson and game director Quinn Duffy will be at the Rezzed videogame event in Birmingham on 28 March to discuss “the future of Company of Heroes” and announce the “next phase” for Company of Heroes 2. I mean it’ll probably be maps, or an expansion, or maybe the long-awaited addition of New Zealand as playable forces, but that’s worth keeping an eye on if you’re keen on the game.

That’s … pretty much it. There’ll be some news about Company of Heroes 2 on 28 March. This is just news about that forthcoming news, so you can be prepared for it. It’s like a news version of an earthquake kit or something.

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