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It will still be some time until you and your buddies can join up for some shoot-n-loot action in Borderlands 3. But developer Rogue Snail may have something to sooth the aching wait. Relic Hunters Legend is the followup to Relic Hunters Zero. It’s a four-player, online co-op game where you and your friends can team up against some evil ducks in glasses. You shoot, loot, and scoot through time as you fight to save the galaxy. Oh, and it will be completely free on Steam.

Of course, Relic Hunters Legend can’t be fairly compared to Gearbox’s upcoming outing. The game uses a top-down camera, allowing you to point and click your way through battles. Relic Hunters has a clean, cartoon art style that looks rather stellar. Its aesthetic matches the animation on screen, as characters lightly bounce with every step. Relic Hunters Legend can support up to 4K resolution and comes with an uncapped frame rate.

But Relic Hunters is more about that enthralling loot and level grind more than anything. Fallen enemies drop hundreds of items to collect, from gear to, of course, relics. All collectibles tie into the RPG system of the game, where you can customize your own character build that suits your style. There are different abilities, too. From what I’ve gathered in the gameplay video, you can double jump or use a butt stomp with splash damage to knock out multiple enemies.

Relic Hunters Legend Camp

A matter of time

As the headline suggests, Relic Hunters Legend includes time travel as part of its story. According to the developer, the galaxy itself is at stake, and figuring out what happened in the past is key to saving it. The story won’t stay the same, either. As time goes by, more will be added to the campaign to support additional side quests, characters, and storylines.

Relic Hunters Legend will release as a free-to-play game via Steam early next year. The previous game, Relic Hunters Zero, is also available for the same price.

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