Following yesterday’s post of the Senran Kagura Burst trailer – one of the best trailers ever, complete with giant boobs and machine gun dongs on girls – it got me thinking to what the worst videogame trailer out there might possibly be.

After a whole 40 minutes (yes, a WHOLE 40 minutes!) the below is the most ridiculous I could find. So ridiculously bad that it might actually be good.

The game in question is Bibleman: A Fight for Faith, a prime example of what religious nut jobs do with technology and further evidence that the two are not a good (or safe) match.

Things to look out for in the trailer include the arch villain “Wacky Protestor”, the mix of “educational bible scripture and exciting battle sequences”, the gameplay that seems to lack any game and brilliant box art at the end of the trailer.

Oh, and before you say that the game is meant to be ironic, it’s not. Google Bibleman if you don’t believe me, and you’ll find out this game is based on an equally absurd TV show.

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