Satan (south Park)

In the past religious games have been released and they’re almost always rubbish. Not because the reviewers are Satan worshiping evildoers but because the games tend to be lazy, stuffed with bugs and ripped off from another more popular game. Recently however, some religious folks have got together to create a game called Bible Chronicles: The Call of Abraham. The game will be based upon Abraham’s life and all the feats he achieved in the name of God (which includes cheating on his wife, attempted infanticide, rape and incest).

The game failed to reach its Kickstarter goal and in an interview with Polygon, the creators claim that the Devil is responsible. Suddenly DICE’s troubles with EA don’t seem so bad. In this very interesting article published by Polygon and written by Colin Campbell, you can read the interview he did with the creators and find out more about their game. Although I personally disagree with pretty much everything the creators had to say, I found the article to be very interesting and certainly worth reading. You can check it out HERE.

I would also like to add that whilst some of you may disagree with the thoughts and ideas the creators were expressing they are entitled to their own beliefs as much as you are yours. Please refrain from posting nasty comments.

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