Grasshopper Manufacture’s remastered PC version of murder-mystery visual novel The Silver Case will be released on 7 October. That date, along with some special editions of the game, was announced at the Tokyo Games Show.

    The game’s original Japanese release date was 7 October 1999, so that’s all quite neat. For the remaster, the title’s PlayStation resolution of 480p has been converted to 1080p, and the UI has undergone some changes. If you want to see how the PC version is shaping up, there’s a demo on Steam (look for the ‘download demo’ button there).

    The standard digital edition and deluxe digital edition of The Silver Case will be sold through Steam, GOG, Humble’s store and Playism. Standard gets you the game for $20, while the deluxe version adds in a few extras for $30.

    Deluxe Edition Contents:
    •“The Silver Case” Game
    •“The Silver Case” Artbook
    Includes Full Color versions of the illustrations made for “The Silver Case”, also, new illustrations redrawn by Takeshi Miyamoto for “The Silver Case” HD Remaster will also be included.
    •“The Silver Case” OST
    Includes the songs from the game and the remixed track by Akira Yamaoka
    •“The Silver Case” Digital Comic
    Story: Goichi Suda Art: Syuji Takeya
    A special comic that explores the events the day before “Chapter 0: Lunatics” in “The Silver Case”

    A limited edition physical release will also be available, which contains the following.

    •Game disk
    •OST disk
    •Art book
    •Game manual

    Peter Parrish

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