The developers behind the Alan Wake franchise, Remedy Entertainment, have teased that there are ‘greater’ things coming in 2013. Whilst they didn’t go into detail it’s already widely known that they are developing another AAA project for next generation consoles right now, but whether that is an Alan Wake game or not remains to be seen.

What is interesting about this post in particular is that Remedy are indicating that next-gen systems will be released this year, something which many people are still split on the possibility of due to technical issues relating to the production of some of the consoles. But I would imagine Remedy would be rather well informed as to the state of Microsoft’s next gen console and its launch window.

Polygon writes:

“Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment is teasing “greater” news to come from its studio in 2013, according to a post on the Alan Wake franchise official Facebook page.”

“Even greater Remedy news to come in 2013,” reads the cryptic post. Currently there is no further information hinting at what the announcement could be, including whether or not it is related to the Alan Wake franchise.”


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