Remnant 2 trailer shows off release date and co-op gameplay

Remnant 2 Release Date Co Op Trailer Featured

While few would have had ‘third-person shooting and four-player co-op’ on their list of additions they’d make to FromSoftware’s venerable Soulsborne formula back in 2019, Gunfire Games certainly did, leading to Remnant: From the Ashes. It’s a good thing they stuck to their guns, as Remnant became a cult hit, leading to a sequel, simply known as Remnant 2, being announced during last year’s Game Awards. Today, a new Remnant 2 trailer, one that shows off the game’s release date and co-op gameplay, was shown at Summer Games Fest.

Remnant 2 release date revealed in new trailer

The trailer is an excellent example of prioritization, choosing to spend little more than a few sentences giving a nod to the story of Remnant 2, and instead focusing on what really matters: the intense gun-based combat. We see many different encounters, spanning fair fights against mobile robot drones, and less balanced-looking brawls against spear-wielding cavalry and lumbering axe demons: monsters that would be a huge challenge in FromSoftware’s games, but are perhaps less so when they can be whittled down from afar with a rain of bullets.

Co-operative gameplay is showcased throughout, with every encounter being tackled by a group of players. The range of scenarios on display here is impressive: we see the expected chaotic firefights in large arenas, of course, but we also see what appear to be linear platforming sections on the back of moving vehicles, with enemy combat sprinkled in between jumps. It bodes well for the game that such variety is visible in the trailer.

Remnant 2 Release Date Co Op Trailer Body

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In addition to the co-op gameplay, the trailer also shows off the final release date for Remnant 2: July 25. The game will be released on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, with early access to the ‘Gunslinger Archetype’ being offered as an incentive for those who wish to pre-order. With no new FromSoftware projects on the horizon at present, Remnant 2 could be just what fans need to pass the long summer months.

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