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Earlier today, Gearbox Publishing and developer Gunfire Games uploaded a new trailer for Remnant II, the upcoming sequel to 2019’s Remnant: From the Ashes. This trailer, dubbed ‘Best Friends,’ highlights the new Handler class that many players will definitely want to try out once Remnant II hits its release window. Essentially, this class allows players to team up with a lovable canine companion to fight the game’s ruthless foes. In between these battles, you have the option of playing with and petting your dog friend, which will undoubtedly further cement the Handler class as a favorite for fans and new players alike.

The ‘Best Friends’ trailer begins with the player character bonding with their dog friend as they roam through the post-apocalypse. Soon enough, the trailer cuts to different clips of the player fighting various horrific beasts while the dog aids them. As it turns out, the dog companions can hold their own pretty well in a fight, able to dodge enemy attacks with ease and bite them without letting up. Everything in the trailer, including the tense action scenes, occurs to the tune of a sentimental acoustic track.

Remnant II Handler trailer introduces a cute dog, and a release window

According to a press release, the Handler class’ dog companion specializes in both attacking and distracting enemies to give players room to breathe when fights become too intense. Those who choose this class have access to the Handler’s Prime Perk, which gives the dog the ability to revive any fallen players. Additionally, the Handler class can lower any damage dealt through enemy fire by utilizing their Archetype trait.

Alongside this trailer for the Handler class, Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games unveiled a summer 2023 release window for Remnant II. If the game meets that window without a delay, then players will have the opportunity to mess around with this heartwarming new gameplay feature relatively soon.

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