Klaus Mauer Der Toten

With the release release of Season Four Reloaded, the highly anticipated Mauer Der Toten made its debut in the Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode. The new round based Zombies map provides you with new locations to explore, undead enemies, and more. One of the most fun additions to Mauer Der Toten map is Klaus.

Klaus is an AI controlled robot that helps you kill zombies. You can use your tactical button to deploy it wherever you wish. Also, you can upgrade your helper to make it even more powerful. Before you can make use of Klaus, you are required to get the parts needed to repair it. As soon as you know where to look, you will get your companion up and running in no time.


How to build Klaus in Mauer Der Toten

First off, you have to find a Microwave Dish which can be installed into Klaus’ upgrade station. At either side of the Pack-A-Punch machine is an area named the Death Strip. In this part of the map, there are piles of debris. You have to dig up the debris piles until you find the microwave dish.

Next, use the Pack-A-Punch machine to equip the Brain Rot ammunition mod to your weapon to begin step two. This step requires you to make your way to the apartment building and enter room 305. Upon arrival, you will see a broken door that has been boarded up with wood. Brain rotting a zombie will lead it to turn towards the wooden barricade and break it down, opening up another room. Interacting with the dead body on the bed inside that room will allow you to obtain robotic hands for Klaus.

Build Klaus Mauer Der Toten

The final piece you need to repair Klaus in Mauer Der Toten is a battery. Although you can get the other two parts at any time, you will have to reach round 10 before you can get the battery. The Krasny Soldat does not begin spawning until round ten and you will have to defeat this enemy for it to drop the battery. Make sure you pick up the battery and you will then be able to go back to build Klaus. Once built, the robot will stand up from its chair and be ready to fight off any nearby zombies.

Repairing Klaus is definitely worth the trouble. It is always useful having an extra friendly unit on your team, especially in higher rounds.


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