Battlefield 4

Reminder: the game will have explosions.

Like several other major publishers, EA has figured out that the best way to completely control the release of information about their projects is to take interviewing and reporting in-house. That seems to be the concept behind “For The Win TV,” whose videos appear on the “eavision” channel on youtube and who, here, are chatting about Battlefield 4’s upcoming beta with executive producer Patrick Bach.

There is barely any new information in this short trailer at all, especially if you’re PC-minded like we are. A fair amount of the discussion is dedicated to PS4 and Xbone speculation and how amazing it is that patches can download while you’re asleep, or something.

Otherwise, it’s a reiteration of the fact that the Battlefield 4 open beta is coming on 4 October, with a special three-day session beginning on 1 October for ‘Premium’ members (maybe that part is new, actually.) There’ll be one map on offer: Siege of Shanghai, and one game mode (Conquest.) The beta will end on 15 October. If you didn’t know that before, you do now. The PC specs for the game were revealed fairly recently too.

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