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Report: Microsoft is expanding Game Pass subscription options with a new Family Plan

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Microsoft is reportedly working to add a new subscription option for its ever-growing Xbox Game Pass service — a Family Plan membership. The implementation of such an option would allow groups of users to pay one lump sum that would then make the service cheaper for all involved. According to a new report from Windows Central, not only is Microsoft looking into this as a potential expansion to the service, but it’s allegedly putting it all into place.

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The report indicates that it has heard from “trusted sources familiar with Microsoft’s efforts” that Microsoft is indeed working on family plan implementation for Xbox Game Pass, not as something down the line, but as a feature that will be available within the year.


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As far as specifics go, Windows Central was not told anything regarding pricing or how Microsoft will implement the Family Plan. As such, we don’t know if the Family Plan will be two separate options for Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass for PC, or just one exclusively part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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Although Windows Central has proven to be a reputable source in the past, due to the fact that Microsoft itself has yet to say anything, we have to still label all of these details as rumors. Nonetheless, it’s not at all far-fetched to believe that Microsoft is working to put this system in place.

The company has been pouring a massive amount of support into Game Pass these last few years and is quite aggressive when it comes to adding a healthy helping of benefits, all while keeping prices competitive. Thus, an option for a Family Plan would only make Game Pass an even more economical offering than it already is.

In related news, Sony is expanding its PlayStation Plus lineup to make select PS1, PS2, PSP, PS4 and PS5 titles playable on PC, albeit via cloud streaming.

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