Media powerhouse Vivendi is still looking to get rid of its majority €8 billion stake in Activision Blizzard, a “credible source” claims.

Said source has claims that a Vivendi sales of Activision Blizzard still “absolutely remains under consideration”, despite Vivendi’s finance director saying last week that a break up of the company was out of the question.

News first arose of Vivendi’s plans to sale Activision Blizzard this past July, when a price tag of €10 billion was touted.

Part of Vivendi’s problem is that it has €14bn in debts and its share price has halved in the last five years since 2007.  A sale of the its Activision Blizzard division could help repay the debt, but the €8 billion is proving to be an issue for potential buyers.

It’s being reported that Sony is not at all interested in purchasing the company, while communications with Microsoft are failing to move forward because of the asking price.

Of course, we’re waiting on official word from Vivendi, but that’s unlikely to arrive while negotiations are taking place.

Microsoft owning Call of Duty and World of Warcraft… that would be interesting.


Source: CVG

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