Representative Chris Lee outlines plans for loot box legislation

Representative Chris Lee outlines plans for loot box legislation

Democrat representative Chris Lee raised his concerns over the Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot boxes on 22 November and things are progressing. In a new video update from Chris Lee he talks through the process of drafting loot box legislation.

The proposal is to prohibit the sale of loot boxes to anyone under the age of 21 which he says would likely be enough adding, “if you take away that share of the market form the gaming industry, they might actually change games across the board for the better.”

The idea is to keep the pressure on the industry and hope that the laws in at least a few states change which would be enough to compel the industry to stop exploiting people and make games without loot box mechanics.

Chris Lee has posted a document which he wants gamers or concerned parents to send to governing officials to highlight the problem. He suggests anyone who sends this off to also include a few links to articles highlighting the problem.

While it will take some time for any law to be passed, this is really the first step and it keeps the conversation on loot boxes going.


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    • Col

      This is still a terrible idea. Do you really think that legislating against loot boxes will be the end of it? That’s just where it starts, and next year there’s another petition demanding that we protect the poor little kiddies form the terrible violence in games and when we say “I didn’t ask for this” all they have to do is point back at this bullshit and say “oh, so you don’t like children being exposed to gambling but you’re fine with having them shoot up crowds of people?” or whatever (aside: it’s still not gambling). Does the term function creep mean nothing to you people?

      • Paul Younger

        Violence is already regulated with the ratings system and that won’t change. I think the issue here is some developers are creating game systems using similar methods we see in gambling so they are intentionally trying to target some people’s addictive nature which is never good.