Resident Evil 4 remake: How to open the locked drawers

Resident Evil 4 Remake Locked Drawer

Resident Evil 4 remake has made numerous changes to the original game, while keeping a lot of the aspects that made the 2005 version one of the most revered games of all-time. One of the additions to the remake is the locked drawers you can find around the map. These draws often hold something valuable, which is a great thing when you’re going to be spending so much money at The Merchant’s shop in Resident Evil 4. The only issue with these drawers is that you cannot open them, and you can spend a while wondering how to open them. Here’s our guide on how to open the locked drawers in Resident Evil 4 remake.

How to open the locked drawers in Resident Evil 4 remake

Opening the locked drawers in Resident Evil 4 remake is a simple process in theory. All you need to do is find ‘Small Keys’ that are around the maps of the game. After you’ve found these keys, you need to take them to the locked drawers, as these are the keys you need to unlock them. Every key works for every drawer in the game, too, so there is no need to worry about getting the right key for the right drawer.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Small Key How To Open Locked Drawers

Here’s the ‘Small Key’ which you can find in a shack at the far end of the Fish Farm. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Where are the ‘Small Keys’

This is where it gets a bit hard to access the drawers in Resident Evil 4 remake. The keys, in good old Resident Evil fashion, are in multiple places across Resident Evil 4’s world. For example, you can find one ‘Small Key’ in the Valley area in the shack under where you find the Emblem you need for story progression.

There are many locations like this in the game, so don’t be too put off when you see a locked drawer without having a key, you should be able to find one soon enough. The game also does a good job telling you when you’re about to leave an area for good, with The Merchant mentioning something about “finishing all your errands” when you’re about to move areas. This means you can spend the time finding the keys you need in that area and unlock the locked drawers as you wish.

Resident Evil 4 remake is available on Steam.

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