Resident Evil 4 remake: Village Chief Manor combination lock guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake Village Chief Manor Combination Lock
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During your playthrough of Chapter Two in Resident Evil 4 remake, you’ll find yourself faced with a strange puzzle. A dresser in the Village Chief Manor has a combination lock keeping it closed. You’ll need to unlock this dresser to receive a vital item that progresses the main quest. There are three dials to turn with many different pictures etched on them.  This manor is quite large and may be confusing if you’re trying to find the solution. Does this puzzle have you stumped? Read this guide to figure out the solution to the Village Chief Manor combination lock in Resident Evil 4 remake.

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How to open the combination lock in the Village Chief Manor

The answer to this combination lock can be found in the upstairs portion of the Village Chief Manor. Make your way up the stairs, and read the book in the hallway heading towards the bedroom. The flipped-open page reveals a passage from a bible, with contains an interesting verse. You can ignore most of what it reads, but pay close attention to the words highlighted in green. These words represent the answers to the combination lock. The three words in question are ‘crop,’ ‘pig,’ and ‘babe.’

Re4 Remake Combination Lock

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Now, head back down the stairs and towards the dresser. The first dial in the combination lock should be the crop drawing. Then, the middle one needs to be the pig. Finally, turn the last dial to the etching of the baby. Confirm it, and the lock should open up. Inside, you’ll find a Crystal Marble. You can use this item to unlock the bedroom door upstairs.

There are plenty of other little treasures you can find around this manor, so make sure you’ve found them all. Hopefully, this Resident Evil 4 remake guide was helpful in your pursuit to decipher the combination lock in the Village Chief Manor.

Resident Evil 4 remake is available via Steam.

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