Resident Evil 4 remake: Where to find the Old Wayshrine Key

Resident Evil 4 Remake Where To Find Old Wayshrine Key
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During your Resident Evil 4 remake playthrough, you’re bound to come across Wayshrines. These are locked boxes that contain treasures for Leon S. Kennedy to trade in for Spinels with The Merchant. But to unlock these Wayshrines, you’ll need to find the key for them. If you’re struggling to find where the Old Wayshrine Key is in Resident Evil 4 remake, continue reading for the answer.

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Where to find the Old Wayshrine Key

You’ll be able to find this Old Wayshrine Key during Chapter Four of Resident Evil 4 remake. Wait till you face the lake monster and can freely boat to the different places on the lake. Although you’re on the hunt for the Church Key at this point, many areas on this lake have important treasures. The location you’ll want to head to for now is the Mural Cave, which has a dock for it close to the lake.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Where To Find Old Wayshrine Key Map

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At the location on this map, you’ll find the Old Wayshrine Key you’re looking for inside a small chest. There are five Wayshrines in total that you can find during the village section of Resident Evil 4 remake. Make sure to unlock all these Wayshrines before you progress the main quest since you won’t be able to backtrack to the village once you make it to the castle. The five Wayshrines available with their respective treasures are found at these locations.

  • Farm Wayshrine: Antique Pipe
  • Quarry Wayshrine: Butterfly Lamp
  • Lakeside Settlement Wayshrine: Pearl Bangle
  • Western cavern (no official location) Wayshrine: Splendid Bangle
  • Checkpoint Wayshrine: Elegant Headdress

Once you progress past the village or unlock all the Wayshrines, the Old Wayshrine Key will have a checkmark on its icon in your inventory. This means that you can sell it to The Merchant, as it’s useless at this point.

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