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Resident Evil 4 remake will have upgradable knives and no QTEs

Knife-only runs have become a bit more difficult.

Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake will have upgradable knives and no QTEs among other additions. As shared by VGC, the news comes from Game Informer’s latest issue, which includes a 12-page feature cover story featuringthe game.

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One of the changes is that knives are now upgradable. Unlike the original Resident Evil 4, weapon degradation will be in the game. Capcom, however, is allowing the player to carry more than one knife to make up for the addition of weapon degradation. Upgrading and purchasing knives will both be doable at the Merchant.

Resident Evil 4 remake brings upgradable knives, changes to QTEs

Another change which might be significant is the removal of QTEs (quick-time events) from the game. QTEs were a staple feature of Resident Evil 4, and were used in cutscenes to add interactivity — like breaking out of holds or outrunning rolling boulders.

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Other changes coming to the game

Outside of the changes to Resident Evil 4‘s knives and QTEs, another change is the addition of side quests. These utilize “blue flyers” in the game, which challenge you with helping certain individuals and completing various tasks. After you complete each quest, you earn rewards from the Merchant.

Another big differentiation is surrounding the Ashley segments. The Ashley section in the original Resident Evil 4 is well known to be a pain at times. The team at Capcom are making changes to try and make the section more fun to play. These changes include removing Ashley’s health bar, adding a button for you to tell her to follow close or further away, and featuring more two-person puzzles. There is now also a way for players to help Ashley get out of a zombie’s grasp using their knife.

Other additions listed in the piece include a new crossbow for players to use, new enemy types, as well as the addition of mixing different gunpowder types, like in the other Resident Evil remakes.

The Resident Evil 4 remake will release on March 24 for PC.

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