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As devastating to some as this may sound, Capcom did not confirm a remake of Resident Evil 4 during its Resident Evil Showcase today. However, that doesn’t mean the famous 2005 survival horror game was completely left out of the show. Other than the Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness movie taking place two years after the game, there was something else. Coming in as a complete surprise is a virtual reality version of Resident Evil 4, set to release on the Oculus Quest 2 this year.

The game puts you as Leon in an entirely new perspective. Literally. In Resident Evil 4 VR, you play the game through the lens of Leon Kennedy as he fights to rescue the president’s daughter. It looks to be the exact same game from 16 years ago. However, in first person, you will have more control over Leon. Weapons, inventory management, puzzles, and even saving are managed by hand.


You will get more freedom in how you interact with the game’s world and mechanics. For one, the gameplay video dropped during the event clearly showed Leon dual-wielding a knife and gun. You can also juggle them around. Hey, we all need levity, especially when being hunted by people controlled by killer parasites. We also see how you manage some puzzle solving: by using your damn arms, of course. Levers and buttons won’t know what hit them.

Resident Evil 4 Vr Oculus Capcom Puzzle

Twist the lever, pull the knobs

I must have beaten Resident Evil 4 at least four times. And you know what? I’m down for another go. Fifth time’s the charm, as they (probably) say. It’ll certainly feel like a new experience, having to manually reload and aim weapons in first person. Naturally, I want/need to know more. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long.

Mike Verdu, VP of content at Facebook Reality Labs, said there will be another, closer look at the game soon. On April 21, the Oculus Facebook and Twitch pages will dive deep on Resident Evil 4 VR. Until then, hasta luego.

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