A list of achievements for Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition have popped up on Steam today, pretty much confirming the signs that have been knocking around for the past few days. It was a NeoGaf thread from Valentine’s Day that initially noticed some PEGI ratings for a PC version of Gold Edition.

Further indications have included changes made to the game, tracked by SteamDb. Within the last hour, references to Resident Evil 5 – Gold Pack and Resident Evil 5 – DLC Pack have cropped up there.

The version of Resident Evil 5 on Steam at the moment also uses Games for Windows Live (rather like Dark Souls used to.) Last year, Capcom announced their intentions to move the title across to Steamworks in early 2015. SteamDb’s history for the game shows clear references to a branch called Resident Evil 5 (non-GFWL), so this process is perhaps nearing completion.

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition would bring DLC like Lost in Nightmares to the PC for the first time. Achievements from Desperate Escape, Versus, and Mercenaries Reunion are also now present on Steam.

As this hasn’t even been officially announced yet, there aren’t any details on price. Nor is it known whether owners of the original Resident Evil 5 will get some kind of discount offer (that might be what the ‘Gold Pack’ DLC is for.)

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