Resident Evil 7 PC crack was quick. Denuvo responds

Resident Evil 7 PC crack was quick. Denuvo responds

Denuvo has had relative success protecting PC released from piracy but Resident Evil 7 was cracked and released in pirated form in only a week.

Denuvo’s marketing director Thomas Goebl has commented on the quick crack telling Eurogamer that, “So far only one piracy group has managed to crack it” and that they will “learn from this bypass”.

He also reiterates that the Denuvo Anti-Tamper solution is “not uncrackable” but that the Denuvo protection “made a difference for this title”.

Now that the game has been cracked it remains to be seen whether Capcom will remove Denuvo from Resident Evil 7 in a future update. Bethesda did remove Denuvo protection from DOOM back in December so it may eventually happen with Resident Evil 7.

As it took around a week to crack, Denuvo will have protected the bulk of the game’s sales as PC gamers were keen to pick it up on the day of release or shortly after.

Like it or loath it, Denuvo is unlikely to be going away any time soon based on this one Resident Evil 7 crack. Cracking groups have struggled when trying to crack Denuvo so it still has real value to publishers wanting to protect sales.

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  • Paul Younger

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    • User

      Didn’t stop pirates. They knew it would be cracked eventually, so they waited. Legit buyers bought, or are planning on it.

      Didn’t stop shit, really.

      • eqzitara

        I’ve clicked plenty of steam users profiles and the listed games are purely denuvo games/MP games. Its less now that they are being cracked pretty fast…

    • JackMeOffski

      Let the good times roll! Ah ya!!!