capcom dusk golem Resident Evil 8 Rumored To Be First Person & Big Departure From Series (1)

With the release of Resident Evil 3 capping off another likely successful outing for Capcom, fans are predictably hungry for even more zombie content. Rumors have been swirling over the development of a new numbered entry in the Resident Evil franchise, now being hyped up again due to ResetEra’s Dusk Golem, who leaks details of some notable horror games. Writing on Twitter, the supposed insider has teased more about Resident Evil 8.

As with all rumors that are unsubstantiated, do take these with a pinch of salt and plenty of apprehension.

A new evil

Dusk Golem claims that Resident Evil 8 started development in late 2016. It has a targeted release window of 2021 and will be “biggest departure the series has ever taken.” Considering the fact that Resident Evil 7 drastically shifted the perspective from third-person to first-person, that is a big statement to make. Earlier rumors also pointed towards different monsters other than the undead, so that could hold some weight.

Resident Evil 8 Rumored To Be First Person & Big Departure From Series (2)

Resident Evil 7 was a major departure all by itself.

While this new Resident Evil entry might be different, it could very well be another success. The game’s internal testing has it pegged as a “high-quality game,” and Dusk Golem is “quite excited for it.”

There is also supposed to be an announcement “really soon,” although the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation will affect that.

Cross-gen horror

Outside of the PC sphere, Dusk Golem has doubled down on his claims. The new Resident Evil game will come out both for PlayStation 4 and the incoming PlayStation 5.

The new game was apparently born as a Resident Evil: Revelations 3. Due to the favorable response to the game, Capcom upgraded it into a full, numbered sequel for the mainline series. Players can expect a focus on “hallucinations, occultism, and insanity.”

Resident Evil 8 rumors aside, you can get into the thick of the action right now in Resident Evil 3. Head over to our handy starter guide and make your escape from Raccoon City a much safer one.

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