Resident Evil Reverse Open Beta Brings Deathmatch Action In April (1)

Remember Resident Evil Resistance, the multiplayer offering that came with the remake of Resident Evil 3? I would not blame you if you had no recollection of that particular game. Multiplayer and Resident Evil games are not exactly two peas in a pod, but it seems that Capom is hellbent on making it happen. Similar to Resistance, fans will get Resident Evil Re:Verse when Resident Evil Village launches on May 7. It will be free and offer some deathmatch action that might just be what some fans are searching for. Following a closed beta, there will be an open beta for Resident Evil Re:Verse.

The beta will take place starting on April 7 and run until April 11. The Resident Evil Re:Verse open beta will support between four and six players, with matches lasting up to five minutes.


Familiar faces such as Chris and Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong and others will be joining in the fun.

As part of its design, players who go down are not without options. Dying lets you become a bioweapon. If you managed to pick up the various Virus Capsules around the map, you will transform into a more powerful and fearsome bioweapon. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Resident Evil Reverse Open Beta Brings Deathmatch Action In April (1)

Another try

It will be interesting to see the reception to the Resident Evil Re:Verse open beta. After all, if enough players jump in, it should theoretically point towards a degree of success at launch.

The less than stellar performance of Resident Evil Resistance may have dampened the mood a bit, but the hope is that the different gameplay mechanics will bring something good to the table. Instead of the 4v1 co-op experience, you are just looking to kill or be killed in Resident Evil Re:Verse

This will be another Capcom take on multiplayer yet again in the Resident Evil universe. Maybe it will spread like the T-Virus this time around.

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