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Early on in Resident Evil Village, you’ll be forced to run for your life in the bizarre castle trap concocted by Heisenberg. If you don’t make the right moves, you’ll die violently. If you’re looking for a way to survive this nightmare, then you’ve come to the right place. This breaks down exactly what to expect in the trap and how to get out of it alive.

Once control is returned to you, you need to start running immediately. Look to the left and you’ll see a boarded-up pathway. Once you approach it, a prompt will show up. Press the right button, and you’ll break the wood.  Afterwards, simply drop down and run forward. Press onward until you make it to an area with a spiked ceiling. Once again, you’ll notice a spot that’s boarded up. Kick it and crouch under it to escape. If you’re not fast enough, you’ll die, so chop-chop!


Resident Evil Village — Escaping the castle trap

You’ll end up in a room with two boxes. You might want to try and break these to collect their contents, but maybe hold off on that. A spinning spike mechanism drops from the ceiling and, yeah, if it touches you, you’re hamburger. But it you look to the back left behind you, you’ll see an indention in the wall. Move to this indention and wait for the blade to approach. Once it does, a scene will play and your bonds will be cut. Just like that, you’re safe. Then all you need to do is grab the money and ammo from the boxes that got destroyed. Once you’re through this part, you’ll end up right back at the part of the castle Heisenberg captured you in.

There’s a whole lot left to kill you, so make sure you check out our other Resident Evil Village guides. Or die trying things yourself.

Resident Evil Village castle trap

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