Resident Evil Village Crimson Skull

You’ve probably noticed the strange model containing a crimson skull in Dimitrescu Castle merchant’s room in Resident Evil Village. This is a minigame. Completing the minigame will reward you with the skull at the bottom, which can be sold as treasure. Since you want to have every last coin you can get your hands on, this is a very good thing. But what do you need to even access this? Well, you have to use a ball. Luckily, the one we need is close by.

After you get the Dimitrescu key, use it on the left side of the courtyard. Once you get in, go upstairs. There are a couple of enemies here, so be mindful of them. There are two rooms up top, and searching them will net you a metal ball. Take it back to the merchant’s room and use it on the castle model. The ball will fall into the model, and you’ll need to tilt it so that it reaches the glowing opening.


Resident Evil Village — Getting that crimson skull

Tilt the model to the right and then carefully maneuver to keep the speed down as you move it to the left, or it’ll fall into one of the three holes. As soon as it clears the choke point, tilt the model back so that the ball hits the back wall, then roll it to the left. Then once you’re all the way left, roll it forward, making sure it stays on the left wall. Then tilt the table right when it’s at the bottom-left corner before carefully ensuring it goes into the opening denoted by the red flag in the center.

Once you get the ball where it’s going, the container at the bottom will open and you can take the crimson skull, which is worth a hefty sum. I’m not sure who put that model there and why, but hey, free treasure.

Resident Evil Village crimson skull

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