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We’re all excited for Resident Evil Village, which at this point is just four days away from release. But if you’re really excited for the upcoming title, chances are that you’ve played the demo already. Sadly, with the way Capcom designed the Resident Evil Village demo, you can’t play it again once you’ve run out its hour-long timer. At least, that’s what happens on consoles. On PC, it’s an entirely different story. Users in the Steam forums have figured out a way to extend the time you get in the Resident Evil Village demo, letting you play it until it’s officially unavailable.

To start, you’ll need to have Steam Achievement Manager downloaded. Once you have that, it’s easy to essentially resent your account’s progress in the Resident Evil Village demo and extend the time you have to play. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Disable Steam Cloud for the Resident Evil Village demo
  2. Delete your local save files for the game. These should be located under your main drive, so for the purposes of this, we’ll call it the C: drive. Your save data should be in C:\Steam\userdata\your Steam username\1541780\remote\win64_save\
  3. Start Steam Achievement Manager
  4. Select the Resident Evil Village demo
  5. Remove achievements and stats for the demo, then confirm.

Once you’re through with this process, the next time you start up the Resident Evil Village demo you should have another hour to play.

The ever-changing Resident Evil Village demo

Having to go through a somewhat lengthy process to play through the Resident Evil Village demo again is mainly the fault of Capcom. The company originally wanted to have this demo, the last for Village, available for just one day. However, an outcry from the Resident Evil community caused Capcom to extend the amount of time the demo was live by an extra week. It has been available since May 1 and will be live until May 9 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET.

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