Resident Evil Village Dlc Accessibility Features

The upcoming Winters’ Expansion DLC for Resident Evil Village is bringing plenty of interesting content to the game. And now, Capcom has announced that a free update will make its way to players alongside the DLC on October 28. This update brings a handful of accessibility features to Resident Evil Village that should make the game easier to play.

In the last few years, we’ve seen more and more accessibility options appear in games. This is something that’s incredibly important to make gaming a more inclusive hobby. With that said, it took Capcom over a year to add these accessibility features to Resident Evil Village. In fact, the additions themselves seem to be very simple.


More accessibility in Resident Evil Village

A tweet from the official Resident Evil Twitter account outlines the new accessibility features coming to Resident Evil Village. While they’re fairly basic additions, they’re still nice to have. The bulk of these address the game’s subtitles by adding more options to use. Players will be able to change the subtitle size, color, and background. The speaker’s name can be displayed next to the line of dialogue, and players can enable closed captions as well. Again, these are simple improvements, but they’re important. Then there’s the permanent reticle, which should make lining up those tricky headshots much easier.

Resident Evil Village Screenshot Dlc Accessibility Features

Ideally, Capcom will add more accessibility features to Resident Evil Village as time goes on. A recent example of a game adding excellent accessibility features is Dead Cells. It has plenty of options that give players complete control over its difficulty and various other aspects. Resident Evil Village is also quite a challenging game for the most part. While a few subtitle options are nice, we’re at a point where games can do a lot more. Regardless, it’s good that players will have a few options to make use of when the update goes live on October 28.

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